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SleepRight Tongue Cleaner for Bad Breath

Most Effective Solution For Bad Breath

Did you know that brushing, flossing and rinsing only reduces mouth odour by 25%?
A whopping 75% of mouth odour originates from the tongue.

Studies show that halitosis (bad breath) is mainly caused by bacteria on the tongue
which forms tongue plaque, producing a foul odor called volatile sulphur compounds.
Sometimes this plaque coats the tongue and gives the appearance of having a
white tongue. By removing the plaque, you may enjoy the taste of food more
because it can mask the taste.

Gum, mints and mouthwash may only mask bad breath. The SleepRight Tongue Cleaner
actually removes bacteria that causes bad breath, and improves oral health. Make tongue
cleaning a part of your daily hygiene regimen.

Tongue Cleaner for Bad Breath

Storage Compartment

Features a storage compartment inside the handle. In here you an organize your floss picks, breath
mints or spray, disposable toothbrush, cotton swabs, lip balm, pills, gum or a hygienic item of your choice. This makes it great for travel
or purse.

Dual Edge

Features two edges that provide
two levels of cleaning.

Comfort Radius

Features a smooth radius that glides behind
the cleaning edge, gently relieving pressure.
No gagging or scraping!

"Works very well! Handle is easy to grip. I’ve tried several others and this one provides the best
pressure for scraping my tongue."
Maya T., Henderson, NV USA

"I tried brushing, flossing and mouthwash to help with my bad breath. I decided to try the SleepRight
Tongue Cleaner and to my surprise it has helped significantly with my bad breath. I always thought it
was my teeth and gums that were the problem but it turns out scraping my tongue clean is what I needed
to do all along. Thank you for giving me a fresh mouth again!"
Linda R., Burlington, MA USA