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nobrux Relaxation CD

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Reduce Stress & Sleep Better By Listening to this CD

The nobrux Relaxation CD is perfect for those who suffer from poor sleep because of stress &
anxiety, by using proven techniques of positive messaging in the calming and reassuring voice
of Ursula James.
Can help overcome teeth grinding and clenching (bruxism) and is recommended for use
in conjunction with a SleepRight dental guard.

Features and Benefits

benefitsProduced by Professor Ursula James who is the premier hypnotherapy practitioner and teacher in the UK. She is the full time professor of clinical hypnosis at Aberdeen University.

benefitsProven approach to stress reduction and for reducing or eliminating bruxism.

benefitsImmediate benefits - you should feel positive effects on first listening to the CD.

How does it work?

The CD uses clinical hypnosis which allows the suggestions to reach the areas of the brain
where healthy states can be encouraged. It will help you to take control of stress and
teeth grinding (bruxism) by helping you to:

+ deal better with stress

+ reduce the habit of clenching and grinding your teeth, especially when you sleep.

+ help you cope more effectively with life in general.

gives you back your confidence and ability to be more positive.

How often should I listen to the CD? You can listen to the second track daily when you go to
bed for up to three weeks. Insert your SleepRight dental guard first and you can fall asleep naturally.
It doesn't matter if you do not hear the whole track, you will still benefit.
You can then use it whenever you need a boost.

How soon will I feel he benefit? You will feel more relaxed after the first time of listening to the CD.
The positive effects of this CD will become more pronounced the more frequently you listen to it.

Information: If you need to be alert at any time when listening to the CD, you will be.
You are not asleep during the hypnosis, and will hear and remember everything that is important
you you to hear and remember. There may be some times when you feel less aware of what is
being said. This is natural and occurs even outside of hypnosis. You will pay attention to everything
that is important. You will be fully relaxed throughout. If you do fall asleep, this will be fine,
and will only happen if you are relaxed and happy with the suggestions that are being made.