GloToSleep Sleep Mask

Deluxe: GTS2000 - €55,00

Standard: GTS1000 - €44,00

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Could this help you to eliminate insomnia forever?

The GloToSleep sleep mask is an innovative sleep aid that can re-train your mind
to sleep naturally.

Features and Benefits

benefitsEasy to use without practice or instruction, Especially beneficial for men and women who experience difficulty falling asleep, have difficulty with adapting to time-zone changes, or that work non-traditional hours, late, night or early morning, find it easy and effective. The dark mask blocks out the light so your body produces melatonin, helping you to relax quickly and fall asleep naturally, day or night.

benefitsGlo to Sleep™ retrains your mind by calming active Beta brain waves so you can clear your mind of thoughts and worries and attain the Alpha brain-wave state that allows relaxation and sleep.

benefitsA sleep therapy mask that blends Eastern mediation techniques with modern technology to give you a good night's sleep without a prescription or over-the-counter sleeping pills.

DeLuxe Version now has Precise Brightness and Dimming Control

With precise brightness and dimming control

    Adjust brightness with 3 auto dim options:

  • – ramp down in 10 minutes
  • – ramp down in 20 minutes
  • – ramp down in 30 minutes

How does it work?



What Others Are Saying

"By guiding your eyes to look upward—which causes relaxing brain wave patterns—and focusing
on the blue glo, the mask helps reduce anxiety, allowing you to fall asleep."
Dr. Michael Stevenson, Sleep Expert

"Since January I have had the best sleep of my life. It's like I have my own personal sleep
space and nothing can get in."
Janice R., Toronto, Ontario

"I'm speechless. For the first time in 20 years I have been able to sleep through the night."
Ernie Hudson, Television & Movie Actor,

Los Angeles, CA

"I can’t believe the difference. For me that mask is definitely a dream come true." — Deborah Fried, Registered Nurse ( Night Shift ),

La Crescenta, CA

"Very comfortable and not even hot on these hot nights. I hardly know it’s there. I am asleep in a shorter time. I wake up some but I hardly remember for I fall right back to sleep. I am so happy that I don’t have to go on the couch anymore to watch T.V. in hopes to stop my overactive mind." —

Glenda K., Charesholm, Alberta