SleepRight brand products touch the lives of health conscious consumers around the globe in positive ways every day.

We don’t just sell great products, we also aim to influence and support healthcare professionals by raising awareness of healthcare issues and do our part in the community.

Our goal is to develop lasting relationships with our customers, healthcare agencies and communities based on basic qualities: understanding their needs and concerns, doing business with integrity and honesty, and delivering innovative products that provide benefits and real value.



We are a small but growing team, based in Hampshire and West London. Our management team comprises of Phil and Denise.


Phil is the founder of the company and a passionate proponent of SleepRight products. He has empathy with customers and chats with them about their experiences and concerns, especially relating to bruxism and TMJ dysfunction.  Prior to SleepRight, Phil has had successful careers, with service in HM forces and a respected global American Corporation.

Denise is a people person and is often the public face of the company. She manages much of the day to day operations and networks and communicates with customers and a variety of individuals, agencies and bodies. Denise is also a professional photographer.

The company was set up in 2007 specifically to introduce the SleepRight range of dental guards to the European market. SleepRight dental guards had been around in the US for around 10 years, prior to this, both as a prescription device, prescribed by thousands of dental professionals and as an over-the-counter product available in major retail pharmacies.

The SleepRight looks and works in an innovative way compared to other dental guards, but many European dentists will only offer or recommend a custom guard to protect the teeth and TMJ. So, we asked an international panel of independent dental experts at the British Dental Health Foundation to examine the SleepRight for efficacy and safety. They reviewed it carefully and gave their seal of approval. Each pack now displays the BDHF or IDHF approved logo.

We are proud to represent the US manufacturer of SleepRight brand products and look forward to launching more innovative and effective products in the European market so that millions of people may benefit from them.

Can you remember when you were in your teens, thinking about your career and the jobs you might do?  Making key decisions based on limited knowledge and information was, and still is very hard. Imagine if you could have met with a range of people, doing different jobs with different career paths?  Maybe the decisions would have been a little easier after chatting with them.  That is what young people at Southborough High School were able to do recently.  Volunteers from across the employment spectrum spent a few hours talking to students, providing insights, experiences and practical help.  We were part of that and participate in may other similar events throughout the year.

SleepRight supports education and young people in Kingston and Richmond schools in the UK via the Kingston and Richmond Education Business Partnership.