Emmi-dent Professional Starter Kit

Main Starter Pack Includes:
- 1 x Handpiece (96 Million Oscillations)
- 1 x Charger Unit 230v
- 2 x Brush heads with ultrasonic chip
- 1 x 50ml nano bubble toothpaste
- 1 x Calculus remover
- 2 x Disclosing tablets
- 1 x Instructions (English)

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Emmi-dent 6 Starter Kit

Main Starter Pack Includes:
- 1 x Handpiece (84 Million Oscillations)
- 1 x Charger Unit 230v
- 2 x Brush heads with ultrasonic chip
- 1 x 50ml nano bubble toothpaste
- 1 x Instructions (English)



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Nano Bubble Toothpaste Mild (75ml)
€44 (Pack of 10)


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Calculus Remover

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Emmi-dent Brushhead Two-Pack Kids & Ladies


Brush 2 pack - Children and Petite

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Emmi-dent Wall Mount

Wall Mount Kit

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The latest Innovation in Dental Hygiene is Here!

The Emmi-dent is a revolution in oral hygiene. It is the world's first 100% ultrasonic toothbrush that provides safe, motionless, gentle cleaning of teeth and gums. It may look like a normal toothbrush, but it works in a completely different way. The Emmi-dent is made in Germany and is correctly described as an ultrasonic toothbrush because it actually delivers safe ultrasound via the bristles in the brush head at up to 96 Million oscillations per minute. Compare that to the typical electric toothbrush which does not use ultrasound (even if they are confusingly called `Ultrasonic` or `Sonic`). These products sweep away bacteria from your teeth using a mechanical process, operating at about 30,000 rotations per minute. The Emmi-dent destroys the bacteria cell membrane and kills them, even in those places that a toothbrush cannot get to. They become ex-bacterium!

Features and Benefits

benefits Cleans teeth & Gums using 100% ultrasound* and abrasion free nano bubble toothpaste.

benefits Gentle, safe and effective

benefits No moving parts, No brushing needed

benefits Clinically proven to remove bacteria and plaque, on the teeth and deep inside the gum pockets

benefits Whitens teeth by removing long ingrained stains, including those from nicotine, tea and coffee

benefits Perfect for sensitive teeth, bleeding gums and for use with implants, veneers, crowns, fillings and braces

* Safe ultrasound is delivered via a microchip in the brush head. The bristles of the brush act as a conduit for the ultrasound. No brushing is necessary. Just hold the brush against the teeth and let the ultrasound and abrasion free nano bubble toothpaste do all the work. It's like a spring clean for your teeth every time you use it!

What you get

benefits Emmi-dent Ultrasonic Toothbrush Handset.

benefits Charging Station (230v) with UK 3 pin plug adapter.

benefits 2 x Brush Heads with ultrasound chip built in

benefits 1 x 50ml Tube of nano bubble toothpaste

benefits Ex bacterium, stain and plaque removal, sparkling clean teeth and a pleasantly surprised dentist when you next visit them!

Replacement brush heads and toothpaste are available at reasonable cost. There is really no reason not to buy this product if you are serious about looking after your teeth and gums and want the best products to help you.

How does it work?

Ultra-clean your mouth with a new micro-cleaning process powered by 100% pure ultrasound

The development of an ultrasonic toothbrush device to clean your teeth and mouth with ultrasound represents a revolution in the field of dental hygiene and prophylaxis treatment. Until today, teeth could only be cleaned using abrasive methods by applying abrasive particles in toothpaste. The brush cleans areas where the bristles reach.

The new Emmi-dent ultrasonic oral cleaning device not only cleans the teeth but also works between the teeth, the fissures and the gingival pockets – all without friction, with no movement of the brush and without applying abrasives which can damage the enamel.

What Others Are Saying

Dr. Ken Young (DDS), New York City

Patients from Dr. Young:

Emmi-dent was introduced to two of his patients, both female, and middle aged.
Their response was very positive. Patient “A” had extensive cosmetic dental
reconstruction and was impressed by the gentle, effective action that the Emmi-dent
creates with the use of the coordinating nano-bubble toothpaste. The patient has
had concerns with the use of oscillating and sonic powered toothbrushes regarding
toothbrush abrasions, especially in the areas of receding gums, along with possible
wear factors. Emmi-dent has proved that this won't occur with its gentle yet effective
ultrasonic action. The patient was excited that this would be helpful to maintain tissue
health post-treatment and address her concerns about her cosmetic restorative
treatment being destroyed by abrasive brushing with conventional toothpaste with
a high RDA rating.

Patient “B” had areas of toothbrush abrasion and receding gums along with
moderate to heavy plaque and calculus deposits. She is under a lot of stress in
her life and is on medications. Emmi-dent was demonstrated to “B”, after a clinical
visit and as a finishing touch post-treatment with the Emmi-dent toothpaste. She was
impressed by the nano-technology of the toothpaste, which was formulated for
ultrasound, and felt quite refreshed after use. The quiet action and sound of the
Emmi-dent also soothed her anxiety. “B” felt that she would be able to use the
Emmi-dent and floss more regularly, so she would not dread her dental visits.
She was impressed that this was a unique service offered by Dr. Young and was
ecstatic that it is available.


Harold Klingsberg, Newton, MA

“I never told my hygienist that I was using the Emmi-dent.
She saw that my gums are no longer inflamed, I have far less
plaque, and my teeth are whiter. I think you’re foolish if you don’t use

Dr. Alisa Feldman, DDS, pediatric dentist, Shrewsbury, MA

“The coffee stains on my teeth have been an embarrassment to me,
especially when I go to my dentist to have my teeth scaled and cleaned.
With Emmi-dent, I see a big difference in my teeth and can feel how well
it is cleaning them. Children will love it, because it’s so gentle on the teeth.”

Nicole Alexander, Dallas, TX

who used a leading brand plaque remover for 12 years: “It feels like a professional
cleaning every time I brush my teeth, as though I should have a prescription for it.
My mouth feels considerably cleaner every time, just like when I leave the dentist.”

Frank Rosner, Hoboken, NJ

“My wife and I have been using the Emmi-Dent system and noticed whitening
results in the first three days, even with coffee stains. In just 12 days, we both
noticed significant improvement in tooth and gum colour, as well as the feel of our teeth.”

Sherry Alpert, Canton, MA

who used a Sonicare for a decade: “I develop dark coffee stains on my teeth and
have spent considerable time and money having my dentist whiten them. With
Emmi-dent, my teeth began looking white in two days, and they’ve stayed that way.
I also had far less plaque on my teeth when I had them cleaned.”

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